Culture & Style 005

The best swimwear options for the Summer – CHUCS

For glamorous, chic and 50s inspired pieces including bikinis with exclusive print design by Giles Deacon, perfectly fitted one pieces through to high waisted bikini bottoms and skorts, Chucs Dive & Mountain Shop is the go to!

Another favourite of ours this Summer is Serge DeNimes. The new up and coming fashion brand has just launched it’s website and online store!

Serge DeNimes is a contemporary brand that promises original, urban t-shirts of the highest quality. They have recently launched the brand with 9 limited edition t-shirts. Each design with incorporate 4 layers of silkscreen, printed onto super lightweight soft cotton. Each tee is individually dyed, making every one a distinctive individual piece. Their first line is inspired by a series of photographs, taken in 1978 by prominent photographers Lena Proudlock & Douglas Villiers, which focused on the world’s largest and most renowned carnival, Rio de Janeiro.

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