Culture & Style 006

Haunch of Vension Richard Long Exhibition     


Human Nature 27 May- 20 Aug 2011

Beautiful Bottoms 


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Beautiful Bottoms was established in 2009 by Lauren Skerritt and Poppy Sexton-Wainwright to create a fresh and innovative approach to Lingerie and Loungewear.
They create sexy, affordable, comfortable and above all stunning silk intimates. They are known for this commitment as well as their diverse range of prints.
The designs, which flatter all figures, transcend all age groups, come in beautifully printed silk georgette and are lovingly designed in their London Studio. Beautiful Bottoms is placed at the top end of the lingerie market and sits alongside the top collections in department stores and cool boutiques around the world.

AHILYA, the luxury cashmere scarf brand, derives its name from an Indian Queen. The pieces are a collaboration between expert weavers and original artistic imagination, resulting in bespoke, limited edition collections which are designed to develop into heirlooms. In addition to staple favourites in shades of neutral tones, AHILYA collaborates with different artists each season, most recently emerging artists Claire Fanjul and Lela Shields, to create beautiful and unique silk screen prints on luxurious, hand woven cashmere.

AHILYA won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Innovation Award in 2010. All the scarves are hand made using the finest materials and using traditions which support the environment which form its support base.

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